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Years before Lego unveiled their own Batman them I built my own version of Wayne Manor, the Batcave, and Bat Vehicles.

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Batman, Robin, Alfred, Bruce Wayne, and Tim Drake Mini-Figures

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Wayne Manor

Wayne Manor sit atop the Batcave.  The mansion is two stories high.  The roof and each floor are removable to provide access below.

Welcome to stately Wayne Manor! Wayne Manor sits just outside of Gotham City, in the commmunity of Crest Hill, Bristol Township. The Manor has been home to the Wayne family for nearly 150 years. The Manor sits atop a cliff, which overlooks Gotham.


Just inside the main gates you will find a small pond and waterfall.


A fountain sits in the middle of the driveway roundabout. The fountain is a statue of a knight. The main path to the house passes by several flowerbeds.


The front of Wayne Manor.


The section of roof above the main doorway removes.


Next, the entire roof can be removed.


Here is an overview of the second floor of Wayne Manor. This floor contains the master bedroom, Tim Drake's bedroom, bathroom, and Bruce Waynes weapon collection


The master bedroom.


Tim Drake's bedroom.


The main bathroom.


This room houses Bruce Wayne's weapon collection. Several statues of different warriors can be found here, as well as antique swords and rifles.


The second floor lifts off to reveal the first floor.


The first floor contains the main foyer, stairway, dining room and kitchen. Bruce Waynes study is also on this floor, but not pictured above.


The kitchen and dining room, and Bruce Waynes loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth!


The front foyer and stairway. The red door leads to the study.


The roof and chimney lift off to reveal the study.


Here Bruce Wayne can be seen in his study. His study contains a fireplace, bookcases, a grandfather clock, and his computer.


The grandfather clock opens...


to reveal the secret entrance to the Batcave!


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The Batcave

Below Wayne Manor lies the Batcave, complete with garage, power generator, gym, crime lab, trophy area and dock.

The first floor of Wayne Manor lifts off...


as does the study section of Wayne Manor...


as does the main gate, revealing...


the Batcave!


Batman and Robin, in front of the stairway which leads up to Wayne Manor. To the right you can see an prototype engine that Batman has been working on.


The Batmobile sits ready in the repair bay.


A rear view of the repair bay


Here is the Batcave's power generator.


The super high-powered Batcomputer!


Batman's high-tech crime lab!


Here is the workout area of the Batcave. This section contains weights, a punching bag, basketball court, parallel bars, and an exercise bike.


Here is Batman's trophy room. Some of the trophies include a robotic Tyranosaurus Rex, giant coin, and Joker card.


Here is a closeup of the trophy case.


The dock for the Batboat.


The cave exit for the Batboat. The stream coming out of the cave leads to Gotham River...


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