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Classic Space Long Range Explorer Mega-Cruiser

Cruiser 1

One of my favoritre themes growing up was the Classic Space line of Lego, especially the three spaceships they had, the small fighter, the transport, and the explorer.  Several years ago I decided to build what I believed would be the next ship in the line, the Long Range Explorer Mega-Cruiser.  The Mega-Cruiser was twice the size of the original Galaxy Explorer.


The front portion of the ship interior featured the cockpit, navigator station, and living quarters.  The rear section of the ship contained a removable Mini-Figther  and the Hover-Bot.  The Hover-Bot can convert to robot mode to perform ship repairs.

Cruiser 1


Cruiser 2


Cruiser 3


Cruiser 4


Cruiser 5


Cruiser 7


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