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For a while I had been thinking about making another Lego video, and  I had been steadily getting better at building virtually using Ldraw so I decided I would try to make a CGI video.  I decided to base the video on Doctor Who.  I was looking back my previous Star Wars Golf video where I enjoyed building cart versions of the Star Wars ships, so I decided to expand that idea and make a video in which the Doctor would find himself invited to an intergalactic race featuring a who’s who of Sci-Fi and Fantasy characters and race carts. 

I spent nearly three months making the carts.  After this I started the actual animation.  Unfortunately the project was a failure.  Between a busy personal life including several moves and very little free time, I decided to abandon the project.  The animation took much longer than anticipated, and I was never quite happy with the quality of the animation either.  Three minutes of footage took nearly one year to make.  It was fall of 2011 I wanted to do a complete overhaul of my website.  At the rate I was going I estimated it would have taken me another two years to finish the video, so I opted to redo my site instead.

When I started to work on this updated site, I wanted to include the work that I had done and showcase some of the creations I had made for the video.  Below you will find links to the various video clips that I had created, and several pages featuring the carts and drivers I had created for the video.

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