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The Daemons playset would come with the Third Doctor, Jo Grant, The Brigadier, Captain Yates, The Master/Magister, Azal, Bok, Unit Soldier, and villager. The main play section is part of the church cavern, complete with “Summoning Stone”, altar, and a turntable wall to “summon” Azal. Below is an animation demonstrating this.  The set would also come with Bessie, motorcyle, and a Unit helicopter.

Complete The Daemons Set


Bessie Front View

Bessie Rear View

Bessie Side View

Unit Helicopter

Unit Helicopter

New Pieces - Large Frame and Turntable/Wall

The Third Doctor

Jo Grant

Magister/Master (Without Robe)

Magister/Master (With Robe)



The Brigadier

Captain Mike Yates

Unit Soldier


The Voyage of the Damned set would feature the Tenth Doctor in tuxedo, Astrid Peth, Bannakaffalatta, two Heavenly Hosts, and Max Capricorn.  The set would consist of the Chasm Crossing, with twisting “bridge” girder, and a forklift to re-enact Astrid’s duel with Max Capricorn!

Complete Voyage Of The Damned Set

Chasm Crossing



Max Capricorn

Max Capricorn

Max Capricorn

Tenth Doctor In Tuxedo With Sonc Screwdriver

Astrid Peth


Heavenly Host

The Robot set would come with the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, Professor Kettlewell, The Brigadier, UNIT Soldier, and Ms. Winter. The set would feature a Bunker with detailed interior, a UNIT Jeep, and a large scale figure of the Robot.

Complete Robot Set

The Bunker

The Bunker Interior


The Robot

The Fourth Doctor With Sonic Screwdriver

Sarah Jane Smith

Harry Sullivan

Professor Kettlewell

The Brigadier

UNIT Soldier

Ms. Winter

The Smith And Jones set would feature the Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones, Plasmavore, A Slab, One Judoon without helmet, three Judoon with helmets, a Physician, and three civilians/patients.  The main part of the set is Royal Hope Hospital, which features four floors that can be removed for ease of play, and a Judoon spaceship. I based the color of my Judoon ship on the toy that came out of it, which is the same colour of red that the Judoon weapons are. On screen the ships appear more grey in colour, but I decided on the red as the hospital was going to have alot of grey in it.

Complete Smith & Jones Set

Complete Hospital

Complete Hospital Back View

Seperate Sections of the Hospital

Hospital Main Floor With Reception Area and Gift Shop

Hospital Floor One - Hospital Ward

Hospital Floor Two - X-Ray Room

Hospital Floor Three - MRI Room

Judoon Ship

Judoon Ship With Door Sections Removed

The Tenth Doctor

Martha Jones

Plasmavore With Straw


Judoon Without Helmet and Translator Scanner

Judoon With Helmets