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My brother is a huge fan of Space:1999, especially of the space ship that was featured on the show, the Eagle Transporter.  As can be seen in the picture below, the Eagle is a difficult ship to build due to all of the piping.  To keep the size of the model down I decided to use labels to simulate the piping and the black canopies on the nose.  After completing the model I created a box and instructions which can also be seen below.

actual eagle

Actual Eagle Model

Space 1999 Eagle Photos Title Bar

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TN Eagle Three Quarter
TN Eagle Side Pod Closeup
TN Eagle Side
TN Eagle Rear From Top TN Eagle Front From Top
TN Eagle Rear Engine Closeup
TN Eagle Bottom
TN Pod Bottom
TN Pod Side
Space 1999 Eagle Ldraw Title Bar

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TN Eagle LDR 1
TN Eagle LDR 2
TN Eagle LDR 8
TN eagle LDR 7
TN eagle LDR 6
TN eagle LDR 5
TN eagle LDR 4
TN Eagle LDR 3
Space 1999 Eagle Instructions Title Bar

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TN Space 1999 Instructions


TN Space 1999 Box Art

Box Art

Space 1999 Mini Figure Title Bar

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Space 1999 Figure Thumbnail
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