After saving up all my pennies and buying the fantastic Doctor Who Blu-Ray boxset, I decided to build a cabinet to hold this and other Blu-Rays.  In fear of not having enough blue Lego to create all four sides of the Tardis, I decided to make each side different. The front of the cabinet is the Tardis.  One of the sides features an enclosed holder for the Sonic Screwdriver remote that came with the set. The other side features a movie-theatre like marquee and hold for the “now showing” Blu-Ray. The back of the cabinet features the classic Cyberman logo, and also serves as a coin bank. I didn’t want to use any stickers, so I went for an all-brick build, with the only non-Lego part on this creation being the LED puck-light that is hidden inside to light up the beacon on the roof.


Photo Gallery

Cabinet Front

Cabinet Front With Doors Open

Cabinet Side, Remote Control Holder With Doors Closed

Cabinet Side, Remote Control Holder With Doors Open

Close-up Remote Control Holder

Cabinet Rear Cyberman Logo and Coin Bank

Coin Bank Slot At Top Of Rear Roof

Coin Bank Doors Open

Cabinet Side With Doctor Who Logo, Marquee and Now Showing Blu-Ray Holder

Close-up of Doctor Who Logo

Close-Up of Now Showing Marquee

Blu-Ray on Now Showing Holder

Top Of Tardis With Beacon Lit

Roof Removed to Allow Access to LED Puck Light Inside

Tardis With Light On

Final Home of Cabinet Atop of My Doctor Who DVD Cabinet, With Tom Petty Lego Logo on Same Wall