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Welcome to my Trailer Park Boys Lego Page, my tribute to one of my favorite Canadian comedies!

 Here you will find my Trailer Park Boys Lego mini-figures, and several "dream playsets" that I would love  to see!


TPB The Boys Title
TPB Mini-Figures Title

Here are my Trailer Park Boys Lego mini-figures:  Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Bubbles as The Green Bastard, Mr. Lahey, Randy, Cory and Trevor







Bubbles as The Green Bastard


Mr. Lahey








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TPB Cory & Trevor Title

The boys are growing dope in a secret field, but something is eating their dope! Dimwitted Cory and Trevor encounter the culprit, a mountain lion! Bubble's decides to put the "big baked kitty" through rehab! As Bubbles says: "You look kinda french with that little mustache there, I'll call you Steve French!" This set would come with a dope field, Cory and Trevor armed with a potato gun, which according to Bubbles "Fire a fuckin potato out at 400 miles an hour!", and the mountain lion Steve French!


Steve French Playset


Cory and Trevor with potato gun meet Steve French


The dope field


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TPB Green Bastard Ring Title

Ricky builds Bubbles something he's always wanted, his very own wrestling ring, made out of some shitty old mattresses! Bubble's don's his wrestling outfit to become the Green Bastard, from parts unknown! This set would come with wrestling ring, announcers table, ring bell, guitar, and figures of The Green Bastard, Julian, Ricky, and Trevor!


The Green Bastard Wrestling Ring Set


The Green Bastard Wrestling Ring Set


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TPB Bubble Toolshed Title

Here is the "Nicest fuckin shed" Bubbles has ever seen! The shed comes with a bunk bed, toilet, TV and stand, satelite dish, 2 shopping carts, and a whole bunch of junk for in the yard. Also included with this set would be Bubble's go-kart, and a bunch of kitties! The roof and front wall of the shed are removable to allow for inside access.


Bubble's Toolshed & Go-Cart


Toolshed opened to reveal interior


Bubble's Go-Cart


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TPB Dope Trailer Title

The boys have bought a trailer and are secretly growing dope in it. But Mr. Lahey and Randy are snooping around! This set includes the dope trailer, Ricky's "shit-mobile", and figures of Julian, Ricky, Bubble's, Mr. Lahey and Randy. The roof and side wall of the trailer can be removed for easy access and to reveal the pot plants inside!


The Dope Trailer And "Shit-Mobile"


The Dope Trailer


Mr. Lahey Spying On The Boys


Interior Of The Dope Trailer


The "Shit-Mobile"


The "Shit-Mobile"


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