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Pre-Title, Title, Tardis Landing, and Race Introduction Sequence

This was the very first footage I worked on.  It features a pre-title sequence where the Doctor learns of the race followed by the main titles.  Next, the Tardis arrives and the Doctor unveils his cart.  The Cart Race of Death titles are shown followed by the introduction of the race commentators.

Start of Movie Preview
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Start of Race Sequence

This sequence features various drivers doing various things while awaiting the start of the race, such as Captain Picard beaming onto his cart and Optimus Prime transforming.  Next, we have the starting of the engines, and the actual start of the race.

Starting Lineup Preview
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Attack of the Borg and Cyberman Sequence

This is the only footage of actual racing I completed, which features a loop de loop followed by a joint attack of the Borg and Cyberman.  Luckily Indiana Jones comes to the rescue!  Apologies for the poor sound quality in the beginning of the clip!

Loop Preview
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